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Mission Statement:

The Southside Community Center (SSCC) is a non-profit organization based on social concerns. We are committed to improving the living conditions and personal dignity of those in need in San Marcos and Hays County, Texas. The SSCC provides programs that include:


  • Homeless shelter and food
  • Emergency assistance
  • Housing for low-income and elderly
  • Neighborhood housing improvement
  • Cooperation with other community organizations


Meeting the needs of the individual or families by helping find resources for proper medical care, food, and shelter. Providing resources and/or a safe environment temporarily in crisis empowers the family to become more proactive in meeting their other essential needs. Detailed goals and associated tasks are outlined in the Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2004-2006, approved by the Board of Directors on March 30, 2004.


  • Establishes direct services with assistance for low-income families and individuals.
  • Coordinates services for more effective use of resources
  •  Protects the clients' self-determination, regardless of age, background, capabilities or beliefs.
  •   Increases awareness and understanding in the community in regards to the needs of low-income families and individuals.

Housing Program

We strive to provide affordable housing opportunities as well as 

Housing Repairs in poverty areas 


Do you realize that 84 percent of renters will never be able to own a home.  Affordable housing is so important in the city of San Marcos.   After the flooding almost a year ago rental housing went sky high.   The units for seniors we have did not go up at all.   Some of those that were in the flood are still in their homes, but they have not been repaired.   They may not have qualified for FEMA, and caught up in a bad situation.  They were offered loans, but could not pay them back so they refused them.   These people still need our help today.  Lets not forget about those that need our help.   The flood for many is still not over, help by donation money to the long term recovery to the Br3t.   We need help rebuilding.   Press the donate button at the top of the web page, and when doing an electronic donation, earmark it to the br3t and well make sure it gets there

God Bless 


School is Starting  Back Up !!

We are in need of any gently used children items you have.  Clothing, shoes for those kiddos that are going back to school.  You know how you felt when  your first day of school and you had nice clothing on.!!   Come on folks you know who you are that have nice clothing in those closets time to purge and make other kids happy and keep their self esteem up there!!    

Please donate to our store at 3190 South L.B.J.

School kids get vouchers for free clothing. 

God Bless for all you do for us !!


Contact Us  
Southside Community Center
518 S. Guadalupe Street
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Phone (512) 392-6694
Fax (512) 396-6016
Homeless Shelter

The New life program will give a client 30 days with objectives to accomplish that will show us if the client is making progress. 

If the client shows that they are making progress they will be granted 120 days in our shelter.   The homeless population is growing in San Marcos, and the community center is trying to come up with solutions that will progress stabilization and re-entry into the San Marcos Community. 

All Homeless are welcome to eat, shower and wash their clothing at our shelter.   Additionally, we have lockers and a lock provide where they can store their possessions during the day. 

The center does not allow alcohol, drugs or violent behavior on our grounds.   These are all reasons to ban you from the property.  

Volunteers Needed to Work on Flood Files

If you can give a 6 month commitment  to work with flood files, we want you.   We need people we can train to do case management on what being called the all saints flood.    These files have no federal dollars attached and we need to contact them and work with them for current, and unmet needs.  

I really need for you to be committed to this project.   We will train you on how to handle these files.    All information must remain confidential.