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Mission Statement:

The Southside Community Center (SSCC) is a non-profit organization based on social concerns. We are committed to improving the living conditions and personal dignity of those in need in San Marcos and Hays County, Texas. The SSCC provides programs that include:


  • Homeless shelter and food
  • Emergency assistance
  • Housing for low-income and elderly
  • Neighborhood housing improvement
  • Cooperation with other community organizations


Meeting the needs of the individual or families by helping find resources for proper medical care, food, and shelter. Providing resources and/or a safe environment temporarily in crisis empowers the family to become more proactive hi meeting their other essential needs. Detailed goals and associated tasks are outlined in the Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2004-2006, approved by the Board of Directors on March 30, 2004.


  • Establishes direct services with assistance for low-income families and individuals.
  • Coordinates services for more effective use of resources
  •  Protects the clients' self-determination, regardless of age, background, capabilities or beliefs.
  •   Increases awareness and understanding in the community hi regards to the needs of low-income families and individuals.


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Southside Community Center
518 S. Guadalupe Street
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Phone (512) 392-6694
Fax (512) 396-6016
Were Almost Done!!!! Summer work camp approaching fast!!!

We are just over joyed with God's Love!!  In June of 2014 we began a project to give two 80 year old seniors a new home.  No one knew where the money was coming from or how it was going to get done.   God provided, and soon the 80 years old seniors will be back in a new safe home, thanks to God, summer work camp kids, Volunteers in Mission from Kansas, and private doners, as well as those who were not even asked but donated money anyways.    It has been a journey one led by GOD and those of you that joined us in this endeavor.    The home is 810 square feet, has two bedrooms, and one bath.    

Thank you so much for all that you have done. 

Summer Work Camp is fast approaching, we are expecting and hoping that we will have lots of church kids in this summer.  Applications have been received and are in review.   We are excited about seeing all of you back again this summer. 

It's been a busy year already at the center, and our homeless manager, Linda is doing such a great job.  She is feeding 40-60 people a day.   Churches thank you so much for volunteering, as well of you who have just shown up to volunteers.