Volunteer Schedule

Volunteer Schedule

To prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner on November 22, we will need the help of volunteers the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday prior to the dinner on Friday, and of course, we will need volunteers on the day of the dinner.  Below is a schedule of the days and times we need volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email southside_comm@yahoo.com with your name, the day and time you would like to volunteer, how many volunteers you'll be bringing, and your phone number, and we will add you to the schedule and update the internet page.  If you are part of a group, please designate one person as the "leader" and have that person email.


Wednesday: In need of about 10 Volunteers at Southside Community Center

8 am-10am
Ashley Boone
Rachel Dyess


10am-12pm-- cooking, baking
Alisen Barton

1-3pm- cooking, baking
Lindy (1-4)
Taylor Polanco

3-5pm,-- cooking, baking
Rachael Tanner
Rebekah Gould
Laura Checkley
Mary Claire Campos
Roslyn B. 

Thursday: In need of 20-25 Volunteers at Southside Community Center

8-10 am, Food preparation, etc.
Taylor Polanco

Regina&Glenda Wilcox

10am-12pm, Food preparation, etc.

1-3pm, Food preparation, etc.
Megan Wylie
Mackenzie Luna
Savannah Gaston
Katie Coleman
Shelbi Lafavers


3-5pm, Food preparation, etc.
Carissa Petersen
Tyler Anderson
Melanie Hernandez
Janet Price+4
Mary Hotches (4:00)
Taylor and Julie (3:30)


Friday: In need of about 75 Volunteers at Souhtside Community Center & San Marcos Activity Center

8-10 am, Food preparation, etc.
Sherry Williams
Regina, Glenda, Roger Wilcox, Roger Wilcox II
Sandra Gonzalez

10am-12pm, Food preparation, etc.
Bianca&her nephew
Jennifer Burt
Alyssa Arredondo
Amanda Silva 
Anna Cadriel
Marilyn Ginsburg

1-3pm, Food preparation, transport of food, set up, decorations, etc.
Julia Guillen+3 people
Stephanie Kneedler&Jesse Durrell

3-5pm, Food preparation, transport of food, set up, decorations, etc.
Peggy Jones
Nicki Ramirez 
Tina Zumwalt
Stassney Music
Magdiel Castillo+4, HBSA
Viola (2-4)

5-8pm, Cooks, greeters, servers, etc.
St. Michael's Catholic Church- 25 volunteers
San Marcos Rattlers Varsity Basketball Team- 10-15 boys
San Marcos Student Council-20 volunteers
Dennee Robbins&Family-3 volunteers
Immaculate Heart- 20 volunteers
Peggy Jones
Phi Lamb-6 people 
Pam & Wayne Ayer
Jose Lugo
Mason Murphy
Chris Russell
Mary Hotches 
Katarina Garcia


8-9pm, Servers, tear-down, clean-up, etc.

Pam  & Wayne Ayer
San Marcos Student Council-20 volunteers
Mason Murphy
Chris Russell

Please keep in mind that whatever job you sign up for is subject to change.  However, we will have work for you to help with!  Also, we are flexible with time shifts, so if you want to work less or more than 2 hours we will make it work!   Thank you!  We couldn't do this without you!


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